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Offering Orthodontics for Children and Adults in Boca Raton, FL (Florida)

When you need Boca Raton orthodontics care, you can trust the skilled and experienced orthodontist Dr. Arthur Kapit, at Big Boca Smiles. This specialized type of dental care is not just for teens anymore! At our clinic we can start assessing, monitoring, and treating bite problems in patients at an early age, and we can help adults get the perfect smiles they've always wanted as well.

As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, your teeth can be straightened at almost any age. In fact, at Big Boca Smiles we encourage parents to bring their children in for bite assessments as early as the age of seven. Some treatments are shorter, less involved, and less expensive if caught early! You never have to worry about being too old to get your teeth straightened, either; innovative new treatments have made adult orthodontics easier than ever. Our specialized service in this area includes:

  • Influencing jaw growth in children and improving eruption patterns which can preserve or gain space for erupting permanent teeth
  • Correcting harmful finger habits in children
  • Improving speech problems in children
  • Clear, comfortable ceramic braces for teens and adults
  • Corrective cosmetic procedures for adults with crooked anterior teeth

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For Boca Raton orthodontics, the right choice is Dr. Arthur Kapit at Big Boca Smiles. We'll make sure that you are proud to show people your smile! Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for yourself or an assessment for your child.

Orthodontics for Children:

For children early intervention presents the opportunity to:

  • influence jaw growth and harmonizing the width of dental arches and improve eruption patterns which preserves or gains space for erupting permanent teeth
  • lower the risk of trauma to protruded teeth and correct harmful finger habits
  • improve speech problems, simplify or shorten treatment time for later corrective orthodontics and reduce the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth

Orthodontics for Adults:

For adults we offer many options from comprehensive treatment using clear ceramic braces and Invisalign to minimal cosmetic corrections for crooked anterior teeth.